About your Goals


Sometimes you do not need to buy BIG quantities of a one product only, but what your company needs is to buy a container or several pallets of different products for different reasons (new customers, new offers to your customers, etc.).


BGB wants to offer you this service:

  • Wines from different regions.
  • Wines with different winemaking processes (different qualities).
  • New wines that you want to try in your market / customers.
  • Start a new product line.

BGB can manage everything related to these different products, we look for them, we offer them to you, we consolidate them in one or several shipments and we send them to where you indicate us, we continue with you in the project to consolidate it.

Our customers only have to worry about reaching their objectives and our commitment is that they get it with the peace of mind and the assurance that the products we offer come with the best service and according to the quality they want.